Mosaic - Sonic Concatenation

Mosaic - Sonic Concatenation

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The Mosaic download includes installers for:

  • 32/64 bit VST, VST3, and AAX plugin formats for Windows 8 or later
  • Universal Binary AU/VST/VST3/AAX formats for MacOS 10.10 or later.



Mosaic utilizes concatenative synthesis to play one sound with another sound. Import your audio into Mosaic, and visualize it as a sonic corpus, diced up and organized by various audio features. Then, use another audio input stream to playback the corpus. Mosaic will mimic the incoming stream by selecting and playing back audio from the corpus that most closely matches the input. 

With endless exploration, Mosaic generates truly unique sonic effects. Use it to punctuate beats, texturize layers, and enrich the harmonic palette through adding and manipulating the sonic qualities generated from your audio corpus. 




  • Corpus Creation: Create and import your own audio corpus for playback.
  • Visualization: Visualize your audio corpus in numerous unique ways by changing its audio metric profile. Watch mosaic choose audio from the corpus that most closely matches the input stream.
  • Synchronization: Automatically retune and adjust the amplitude of your audio corpus to harmonically and dynamically align with the input stream.
  • Control: Adjust the mix, volume level, pitch, pitch variation, grain size, and playback variation of the audio corpus.
  • Trigger: monitor the RMS and transients of the input stream to trigger corpus playback.



Follow us on Youtube to see more Mosaic demos, performances, and tutorials. 


  • OSX 10.10 and above: VST/VST3/AU/AAX universal binary formats
  • Windows 8 and above: 32/64 bit VST/VST3/AAX formats.
  • Graphics card that supports OpenGL rendering


Purchasing a single license for Mosaic allows you to activate the software on up to three computers.

Options for online and offline activation are available, however online is recommended. After purchase you will receive an email with an installer link and license key. This key only needs to be entered the first time you run Mosaic. 

Regular price $30 now $15