Viz is Here!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our first plugin, a VJ tool that works both as a VST/VST3/AU plugin as well as a standalone application.

Viz provides advanced audio analysis parameters that are automatically fed into your shader code as uniforms. This allows you to map color and movement to your music in real time!

A uniquely powerful feature of Viz is that it allows for live-coding of your visuals. The live-coding interface is easy to use, thanks to color-coded variables, and it is built to be fast and fun - like a plugin version of Shadertoy. In addition, we’ve coded in an optional multi-pass layer so that you can add effects to the end of your shader (i.e. kaleidoscope or pixelate). It’s extremely fun to play around with, and we’re very excited to see what everyone creates with it.

ON SALE for $29 at 50% off until December 1st!

P.S. We've been known to send complementary refunds to customers that make cool shaders and tag them on social media with #Viz

Check out this demo to see Viz in action:

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